Time management tips

For when you are just not feeling it!

This tool helps streamline tasks, and prioritize effectively. Allowing more to get done in less time!

It also can organize the responsibilities and feel more in control of the day to day life.

Time management tools help busy women balance their various roles and responsibilities more effectively. Allowing time for work, family and commitments. This balance prevents burnout and builds a healthier more sustainable lifestyle. Start by sticking a toe in with one little change.

Shauna B, Ignited Decisions

A life coach, and Mom of three. Shauna has been working with mindset, and mental health and wellness for over 12 years and has lead her to a decision of becoming a life coach. Shauna coaches and encourages others to take time for themselves, build themselves up and help remind them of who they are and what they want. She provides encouragement, accountability and strategies to take the next steps, to get to where they want to be faster and to show up better than they did yesterday.

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